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  Why Did We Create This Program?


  • We are seeing more complex illnesses, primary care cases, and patients with many medical problems. Attending to these needs takes more time and requires closer follow- up and better systems of management.

  • As we see more patients, we need to find a way to honor our current patients, offering you a way to support our clinic so that we can invest more resources in you.

  • We want to seek funding from those who support us the most – our patients – instead of relying on more funding from government agencies and foundations. This strengthens our commitment to practicing the highest quality medicine for our patients.

  • We seek to better sustain our existing clinicians and have the resources to recruit more clinicians and support staff.

  • We will continue to accept payment plans and will never report our patients to collection agencies for lack of payment.

    Health First, Money Second.


Juntos Program Cost


$150 per person per year for adults 18 years or older. No family or group discounts are available. Fees must be paid in full before you can access any program benefits.

Juntos participants earning over $50,000/year are asked to consider a voluntary and tax deductible contribution above the regular Juntos price of $150. We suggest giving $100 per $10,000 yearly income above $50,000. These funds will be applied to our Patient Care Fund, which supports those who are unable to pay.

Children under 18 years old receive the same great prices as Juntos participantsand automatically receivethe program benefits.


Juntos Program Benefits


Reduced Prices

The average cost of a visit, plus any associated fees, is approximately 20% less than the cost for non-participants. If we do raise our prices in the years to come, Juntos participants will continue to benefit with a 20% reduction in the cost of each visit. This price reduction includes most common labs, medicines, and procedures. Natural health services are discounted at 10% off the price for non-participants. The discount does not apply to health care services that you receive outside of Casa de Salud.


Better Access


Juntos participants can call in to a special Juntos phone number during regular business hours to book appointments for any of our health services. We set aside time in our schedule, including after-hours and Saturdays, specifically for Juntos participants.

Same-day appointments are equally open to Juntos participants and regular walk-in patients with priority given to patients with medically urgent conditions, as determined by

the clinician on duty. Juntos Program Important Details


  • No Social Security Number (SSN) Needed

  • No Driver’s License Needed


Satisfaction Guaranteed (We will refund the Juntos fee, pro-rated or in full, if you are not satisfied with your services at the clinic. No refunds given for moving outof the area or not making use of services). For more information about becoming part of the program please contact or call 505-907-8311.





The Juntos (Together) Program


Participation in this program will improve your experience at Casa de Salud and help us to improve the quality of care for everyone we serve.While your participation comes with the benefit of enhanced access to services, please know that all of our patients receive equal quality care regardless of participation status. 

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