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Latest News

New Building

Casa de Salud building expansion is completed. We hosted a grand opening on October 15th. We now have an improved lab area,a bigger waiting room,a staff break room, 6 new rooms and a classroom/conference room.


We are excited to continue serving our community, we are looking forward to have more clinicians soon to keep expanding our services. We are still receiving donations to pay for the building. We want to thank everyone who has made this dream possible! 

Casa de Salud on Video

Allison McLeod. A Nurse Practitioner from Arizona who is looking to establish her own non-insurance clinic visited us to learn about our model and process.


Thank you Allison for the video!

Guadalupe Fuentes

An interview with Guadalupe Fuentes, Pathways Navigator (CHN) at Casa de Salud for Pathways to a Healthy Bernalillo County, Albuquerque, NM.Ms. Fuentes talks about her program and the families and children that she works with. Many are in poor health suffering from chronic disease such as diabetes or in great financial trouble with difficult personal life situations. In this video, she speaks of a special case concerning domestic violence affecting a mother and her three children.

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