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Health Apprentices

Casa de Salud provides fertile soil for teaching apprentices how to engage themselves in direct patient care.  Hands-on experience is a vital component to any apprentice who hopes to enter into a professional medical training program.  Roughly, out of 47 apprentices who have previously volunteered at Casa de Salud for a year of service, 38 are currently enrolled in medical training programs of their choice.  Casa de Salud prides itself in the workforce development that helps to pipeline eager, dedicated apprentices and volunteers into a robust and caring health/healing workforce.

How we do it: We rely on the hard work and dedication of CNM/UNM students and volunteers from the community!  Casa de Salud engages the volunteers in an apprentice model, better preparing them for a future in any health field, including but not limited to nursing, medicine, acupuncture.  These apprentices volunteer their time to gain invaluable training and hands on experience addressing critical healthcare needs in New Mexico.  Apprentices stay with us for 1-2 years; medical assistants at other clinics often have quicker turnaround.  Our apprentices are trained in cultural humility and anti-racism values and are selected for ability to connect with patients from diverse backgrounds.

We estimate our health apprentices save our clinic and patients well over $120,000 per year.

Below are a sample of the current and former apprentices at Casa de Salud.



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