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Healing Oasis



Healing Oasis consists of two phases: an Induction Phase and a Continuity Phase. 


The Induction Phase consists of four group sessions held over two weeks. Attendance at each of the four sessions is mandatory. Missing a session may result in expulsion from the program. 

The Continuity Phase starts the week following successful completion of the Induction Phase and consists of weekly physician visits and weekly  visits with a Natural Medicine provider.




An initial fee of $320 is due on the first day of the Induction Phase for self pay patients. This fee covers the initial physician visit, initial lab work, and the four group sessions. 

Patients with Molina Medicaid (Salud and SCI) are not required to pay the $320 fee. 






For the Continuity Phase, each weekly physician visit costs $40 and costs for any Urine Drug Screening will be at an additional fee. Each Natural Medicine visit is also $40-45.




Only Molina Medicaid (Salud and SCI) will pay for all costs associated with treatment at our clinic. Some insurance companies may pay for a portion of the prescription, but we cannot guarantee coverage. Presbyterian and UNM Care will not cover ANY costs associated with treatment at our clinic. 




New inductions typically begin on the first and third Monday of the month. Click here for the 2014 program schedule. 


Induction Phase Schedule:


1st Monday: 1pm-5:30pm

1st Wednesday: 8:45am-12:30pm

with physician visits taking place after the group session. 

2nd Monday: 1:30pm-5:30pm

2nd Wednesday: 9am-12:30pm


Continuity Phase Schedule:The weekly physician and Natural Medicine visits are scheduled based on the clinician availability.




Come in to the clinic Mondays from 2-5pm or Wednesdays from 9-12pm to speak with a Healing Oasis team member and to get pre-approved for enrollment in the program. You can also call (505) 907 - 8311 and leave a message. One of our staff will call you back on Monday afternoon or Wednesday morning. 




-No childcare is available at the clinic, and children are not allowed to sit in on the group sessions.

-Adult family supporters may sit in on the group sessions. 

-Participants must be on time for all sessions. 

-All services take place at Casa de Salud at 1608 Isleta Blvd. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105.


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