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Dear members of our community:

Casa de Salud was created as a clinic for fair-priced, integrative, high quality healthcare, with a goal to provide same day medical services including evenings and Saturdays to help meet the needs of uninsured patients in Bernalillo County.

As we enter our eighth year of service to the people of Bernalillo County and New Mexico, we continue to look for ways to solve some of the toughest health problems in our community, from drug addiction and same day access for primary and urgent level medical care, to reducing crippling medical debt, which limits the ability of families to productively participate in the recovery of our economy.  We are proud to still be here, true to our mission and growing stronger.

In 2010, Casa de Salud saw approximately 11,000 patient visits at an estimated $40 cost per patient!  We are demonstrating that healthcare does not have to be expensive and that it can still be high quality and hassle-free.  We will likely see 14,000 patient visits by the end of 2011 even without a building expansion.

With this success, we have outgrown our building and must expand this year or start turning away patients.

Thanks to the generous support of the McCune Charitable Foundation, we already have $175,000 committed towards this expansion effort.  Our goal is to raise an additional $125,000 from our community of patients and supporters.  With architecture plans in place and a growing team of dedicated providers, we are ready for the challenges of growth so that we can better serve our community.


We owe a debt of gratitude to our landlords and partners at the Rio Grande Community Development Corporation (RGCDC) for sharing our vision for the South Valley, and especially for helping to make that vision a reality.


The above link downloads a pdf file that you can print and mail in to the clinic. Casa de Salud’s building expansion is an excellent opportunity for you to dedicate a tax-deductible contribution to your local non-profit medical clinic.  Memorialize a brick to be displayed in the clinic’s future entryway!  We welcome you to be part of our growth and make a contribution today.


Please consider donating to our building expansion fund.  You can donate online here – be sure to designate your donation specifically for our Building Expansion Fund.  You may also donate in person (cash or credit card or check), or mail a check to JAZZ for Health, 1608 Isleta Boulevard SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105.

Justice, Access, Support and Solutions for Health (JAZZ for Health) is a 501-c-3 tax exempt nonprofit organization that oversees the work of Casa de Salud.  JAZZ for Health is working on the building expansion in collaboration with Rio Grande Community Development Corporation, our community based partner and owner of the Casa de Salud building.


Our beautiful new entrance!


A birds-eye-view of Casa de Salud’s new entrance and the beautiful courtyard. The courtyard and front walkway will be paved with bricks donated by YOU, our community. Casa de Salud’s building expansion is an excellent opportunity for you to dedicate a tax deductible contribution to your local non-profit medical clinic. If you’d like to donate a brick, click on the link below to download a pdf form that you can fill-in and mail to Casa de Salud.


Casa de Salud is seeking donations, contributions of materials, labor, technical assistance, etc. to make these solar panels a reality. Your donation is tax deductible!  If you can help us, please contact us at

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