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Please support Casa de Salud as we boldly reimagine healthcare and healing.


“Casa de Salud is one of the most adventurous attempts to make healthcare genuinely for the people.”

   - Dr Pritpal Tamber, CEO of Bridging Health & Community


As we complete our 19th year of dreaming and building, we invite you to invest in us and the work we do to care for our community! Please give at, and share with others!  

Below are two New Mexico in Focus TV segments on our health apprentice program.















Our work is unique. Every day, we deliver care that is rooted in dignity, trust, creativity, cultural humility, and mutual respect. We see healthcare from a lens that understands the histories of inequalities, oppressions, and structural forces that affect our community. We also see the strengths of our community members, as well as the cultural richness that exists around us. It is with this historical analysis and appreciation for the power within our community that we build towards collective wellness and liberation! Your support will allow us to grow the broad range of work we do in primary care, acute care, integrative care with acupuncture, massage, reiki, healing circles, harm reduction and addictions treatment, health coaching, and systems change work to address structural determinants of health.



























All year long, the Casa de Salud team works hard to support our community's healthcare and healing. We are a nonprofit organization, we work effectively and are lean with our resources. Your donation will greatly support our

continued vital work. The name of our nonprofit organization is Justice, Access, Support and Solutions for Health.

Please show your support here! Pass it on -- And be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

With gratitude from our health apprentices, staff, clinicians & board of directors.

Anjali Taneja MD MPH
Executive Director
Casa de Salud


Casa de Salud was founded to offer high-quality, fair-priced, holistic medical services to all.  Our goal is to provide same day and after-hours access to dignity based medical services from conventional, natural and traditional health traditions.  We seek to create an environment that promotes dignity and responsibility for patients, staff, and clinicians.


Casa de Salud's mission is to interweave traditional and conventional medicines to meet the physical and spiritual health needs of its patients in a welcoming, just, creative, and inclusive environment; provide fair priced health care to anyone in need; promote a learning and leadership development environment for practitioners, staff, volunteers, patients and clients.


Casa de Salud is a permanent project of Justice, Access, Support and Solutions for Health (JAZZ for Health), a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization. JAZZ for Health has a mission to promote the development and sustenance of individuals and organizations that provide health services, health literacy, community health promotion, health leadership development, health advocacy and health system change.



Casa de Salud is hiring for several positions! We are currently seeking a team of Community Health Workers, a Family Physician, a Family Nurse Practitioner, a Clinical Social Worker/Counselor, an Intensive Case Manager, and a CHW/Case Manager Supervisor. Clinicians, if you are looking for a rewarding work environment where you can enjoy the practice of medicine, spend more time with patients, provide high quality healthcare in an integrative healing environment with practitioners from of numerous healing modalities, & work with a great team, check us out. Click here for more information.



See above! We are running a crowdfunding campaign. Thank you for any donation online at

You can also donate through paypal, for either a one-time donation or a monthly recurring one.

If you would like to talk about a larger gift, a matching donation, or about having a conversation to talk about giving,

please email us at or call 505-907-8311. Thank you!




Contact Us 

1608 Isleta Blvd SW Albuquerque, NM 87105

(505) 907 - 8311

(but please call if you have medical questions)

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